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Halloween Decorations

October 30, 2011

While I have had these up for a long time, of course I am just posting them now, ha!  October is always a surprisingly busy time.

I first inspiration for Halloween decorating was making some candy corn garland.  I had seen this in past years, but never had time to make some until this year.

I got 1/2 yards of orange, white, and yellow cotton and also a couple packs of black extra wide double fold bias binding.  I started by sewing long strips of yellow, orange, and white together and then cut my triangles out of the long strips.  Since candy corn only makes sense in one direction, I set my “upside down candy corn” aside and used it later to make a table runner (in the first photo).  I sewed the candy corn triangles to another triangle out of muslin to give them a little more substance.  Then, I placed each of them inside the double fold bias binding and made the garland.

For the black and white pom garland, I used some leftover yarn from my Halloween wreath and my trusty pom pom maker.

Here are some other pics of decor.

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