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Paper Medallion Ornaments

December 19, 2011

I wanted to make a few new Christmas tree ornaments this year and these were really easy and fun to make.  For this project, I just used some 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper and colored cardstock.  I also used some hot glue, paper punches, and bakers twine for the loop.

I started out by cutting my scrapbook paper into 1.75″ strips.  (I got to this number because I knew I had a circle punch that was 2″ in diameter and wanted the final medallion to be bigger than that and stick out beyond it a little bit.  By cutting my strips to the width I did, that would make the final diameter of my medallion 3.5″.)

Then, accordion fold your paper strips.  Each fold of mine were all about 3/8″ in width.

Then, I taped two strips together.  I used two folded strips for each ornament, and was able to get 3 ornaments from each 12″ x 12″ piece of paper.

Once you tape them together you will have one long strip.

Then tape those ends together to form a circle.

Then press the circle flat and it will form a medallion.

Hold it flat with one hand and use your other hand to put some hot glue on the inside where everything meets.  I just dropped some hot glue in the center, held the medallion together until it cooled, and then repeated on the other side.

Now for the fun part!  I used a bigger circle punch and smaller snowflake (and other shapes) punches to make other decorations out of cardstock.  I glued the snowflake shapes onto the circles with a glue gun and then glued the circles on the front with hot glue.  I tried to mix it up and do something different on each one.

For the hanging loop, I cut a length of bakers twine about 11″ long and then tied it in a knot at the bottom.  I hot glued this onto the back of the ornament in the center.

The final step was gluing another circle onto the back over the twine.  This helps to stabilize everything and make your ornament hang better.

Overall, I used 4 different sheets of scrapbook paper and ended up with 12 ornaments.  These were really inexpensive to make (especially if you already have the paper punches and hot glue) and look cute on the tree.  :)

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