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Framed Paper Snowflakes

December 22, 2011

I have these two pictures in my dining room, on either side of my buffet, that normally have a paper cutting of a pineapple on some light green paper. I cut the pineapple earlier this year after years of waffling over what to put there. I knew I wanted something there and had the frames for a long time, but only fairly recently had the idea for the pineapples. I love the pineapples for several reasons. 1.) I like the symbolism of hospitality 2.) I like that they coordinate with the pineapples on my dining room curtains 3.) I happened to find an old paper cutting book of mine from late elementary-early junior high at my parents’ house that had the pineapple pattern in it :) I remembered making it a long time ago and knew that I could do it again!

Anyway, I had a great idea to change them up for Christmas. I thought that some pretty white snowflakes on red paper would be pretty. So, that’s what I did.

I like them so much, I’ve been kind of toying with the idea of making a different design for each season/holiday, and constantly switching them out.

Also, I love making paper snowflakes! If you have forgotten how to make them (since the last time you did was probably elementary school), here is a good link for basic instructions.

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