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Ribbon Christmas Tree Shirt

December 23, 2011

This was another Christmas outfit that I made this year. I started with a plain t-shirt from Target. (Actually, I’m pretty sure it was a boy’s t-shirt. Shh…don’t tell, ha!) For this project I also used 1.25 yards of green polka dot ribbon and some ribbon scraps for the trunk and the bow on top.

To start, I cut my ribbon into equal length strips. For this, mine were 3″ each and I cut 15 total.

I folded each strip in half and sewed the raw edges together.

After that, I arranged them into rows to keep everything straight. For this tree, I knew I wanted 5 rows, so each lower row had one more folded ribbon piece in it.

After that, I overlapped each lower row so that the row above it would cover the top and no ribbon raw edges would show.

I sewed the overlapped pieces together to make one bigger piece for each row.

Then, I attached the rows to the shirt. I arranged it first to get an idea of placement, and then pinned the bottom row (only through the top layer of the shirt) and turned the shirt inside out. Turning the shirt made it easier to sew. You’ll also want to pin it in several places to make sure that the bottom row stays level. You want it to end up looking like a normal tree, not the Leaning Tower of Christmas.

After the bottom row is done, continue adding the other layers until you reach the top. I also added a small ribbon bow to the top and a small loop to the bottom for the trunk.

I also ended up tacking some of the outer loops down to make sure the rows weren’t too floppy. Then, put a press cloth over everything and give it a light press to flatten it. :)


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