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Mini Purse Organizer

May 3, 2013

I have a really cute yellow clutch/cross body bag that I like to carry with me for small trips or shopping.  I like that it’s not too heavy and I can have both my arms free.  :)  However, I don’t like that my regular wallet doesn’t fit into it.  In the past, I had just thrown things in there, but the disorganization bothered me.  So, just before a recent girls’ weekend full of shopping, I decided to try to remedy the shopping purse organization dilemma.

I created a mini organizer for my shopping purse and I love it!  It is small enough to fit into my yellow purse, but large enough for cash in the middle.  One side has a zippered change pocket and the other side has slots for cards and ID.  Best of all, when it is in my purse, there is still room for my phone, keys, and lip gloss.  (All the essentials, ha!)

I started with basing my measurements on the size of a dollar bill (and my yellow purse, obviously).  I fused a rectangle of fusible fleece (minus the seam allowances, so finished size) to a larger rectangle of fabric.  I pressed the seam allowances in around the fusible fleece and this made the inside part where the cash goes.  Then, I made the zippered pockets and card pockets on another matching rectangle of fabric.  I pressed the seam allowances in and then sewed the rectangles together around the edges with right sides out.  Then, I folded it in half and sewed up the side seams to form the folded pocket.  I was kind of in a rush (nap time sewing), so I didn’t take any pictures of the process, sorry!  The final measurements ended up being around 7″ x 3.5″.  I think the fusible fleece worked well because it gave it enough structure, but didn’t make it too bulky or stiff.

Mini Purse Organizer.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer Front.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer Back.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer with Contents.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer2.jpg

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