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Mini Purse Organizer

May 3, 2013

I have a really cute yellow clutch/cross body bag that I like to carry with me for small trips or shopping.  I like that it’s not too heavy and I can have both my arms free.  :)  However, I don’t like that my regular wallet doesn’t fit into it.  In the past, I had just thrown things in there, but the disorganization bothered me.  So, just before a recent girls’ weekend full of shopping, I decided to try to remedy the shopping purse organization dilemma.

I created a mini organizer for my shopping purse and I love it!  It is small enough to fit into my yellow purse, but large enough for cash in the middle.  One side has a zippered change pocket and the other side has slots for cards and ID.  Best of all, when it is in my purse, there is still room for my phone, keys, and lip gloss.  (All the essentials, ha!)

I started with basing my measurements on the size of a dollar bill (and my yellow purse, obviously).  I fused a rectangle of fusible fleece (minus the seam allowances, so finished size) to a larger rectangle of fabric.  I pressed the seam allowances in around the fusible fleece and this made the inside part where the cash goes.  Then, I made the zippered pockets and card pockets on another matching rectangle of fabric.  I pressed the seam allowances in and then sewed the rectangles together around the edges with right sides out.  Then, I folded it in half and sewed up the side seams to form the folded pocket.  I was kind of in a rush (nap time sewing), so I didn’t take any pictures of the process, sorry!  The final measurements ended up being around 7″ x 3.5″.  I think the fusible fleece worked well because it gave it enough structure, but didn’t make it too bulky or stiff.

Mini Purse Organizer.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer Front.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer Back.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer with Contents.jpg

Mini Purse Organizer2.jpg



April 11, 2013



Makes me happy :)

Sinful colors – Mint Apple

April 8, 2013


My “I’m not working in an office anymore” nails. :) Definitely a departure for me in the nail department. Not sure how I feel about it, ha!

Easter Decorations

March 21, 2013

I made some new Easter-themed art for the pictures in my dining room.  I love being able to switch these out according to the season or holiday and make the room a bit more festive.

Easter Art

It’s also the time of year for daffodils (my favorite) and the jellybean tree!  I have a very sentimental attachment to this jellybean tree.  It was my grandmother’s and it makes me happy every time I get it out.  :)  (Actually, come to think of it, the milk glass vase was my other grandmother’s…so they are both represented.)

Easter Decorations

Chair Slipcover – Before and After

February 21, 2013


Chair Before


Chair After

I put two zippers along the back seams of the slipcover to help with taking it off and putting it on.  So far, this has worked great, much less struggle.

Chair Slipcover Detail

I also made a new pillow for the chair as well.  :)

Chevron Pillow

Nail Polish Organization

February 13, 2013

I recently decided to organize my nail polish collection, and I came up with a system that I really like.  I had a similar system before, but I refined it with a couple of tweaks this time.  My main objectives were to help me decide which polish I wanted to use and then being able to find that polish quickly.

Nail Polish Organization

Nail Polish Storage

I first started by dividing up my polishes into like color groups.  Using a package of nail art wheels from Sally, I labeled each of the wheels with the color group and then numbered the back of each nail with a Sharpie.  Then, I painted each nail with a single polish.

Nail Polish Organization Wheel

For the labels, I printed all the numbers that I had spaces/nails for on a full label sheet.  I cut those into strips and then punched out small circles using a paper punch that I got at Michael’s (in the dollar area).

Nail Polish Organization Labels

Then, I put the corresponding number sticker on the top of the polish bottle.  I store my polishes in two plastic containers, so this made it easier to find them when looking from the top.  (In my previous system, I had relied on a list with the polish name, but found that I was having to lift each polish out to check the name on the bottom.)

Nail Polish Organization Labels Detail

So far, this system is working great.  It allows me to “try on” all the polishes in a specific color group to find the one that I want, and then find the polish bottle that I decide to use quickly.

Some observations about my polish collection:

1.) I think dark pink and bright orange polishes are my favorite.  They make me happy.  :)

2.) I was surprised at how many blue and green polishes I had since I rarely wear those.  Granted, most of them are the Sinful brand that I got for $.99.

3.) My largest color group was burgundy.  I obviously came of age during the time of Chanel Vamp and love me some dark polish in the fall/winter.

4.) I love having my nails painted and might have a slight addiction to nail polish.  :)

Downton Abbey Costume – The Help

February 8, 2013

So, my friends and I threw a Downton Abbey themed baby shower recently, where everyone dressed for the theme.  Seeing as how I didn’t have any “upstairs” dresses that would work (or fit right now), and I didn’t really have time to make one, I decided that I would go as one of the “downstairs” cast.  I made a maid’s apron and headpiece and wore it over a black tee and black maxi skirt that I already had.  I had wanted to make a collar as well, but ran out of time.

I wanted my apron to look nice, but not be too expensive.  I was so proud of myself – I think the whole thing cost about $10-$12 to make.  I used 1 yard of 60″ broadcloth and three packages of flexi-lace hem tape (two 1.75″ wide and one .75″ wide).  I used pretty much all of the fabric (only scraps left).

Downton Abbey Maid Costume

Downton Abbey Maid Costume 2

Downton Abbey Maid Costume 3

For the bodice and the insert part of the skirt, I stitched the lace to finished strips of fabric together using a zig zag stitch and the blind hem foot on my machine.

Attaching lace to fabric

I used the wider lace for the straps and attached them to the waistband in the back.  (I think a more authentic look would have been where the straps crossed in the back, but I didn’t have enough lace to make that happen).  I also kept the ties long.

Downton Abbey Maid Costume 4

I had to piece the ruffles, so I put a little lace insert in the middle to make it look like it was intentional.  :)

Downton Abbey Maid Costume 5

For the headpiece, I sewed some of the lace onto the white fabric and then fused that to a piece of fusible fleece to give it some stiffness.  I attached two ruffles to either side and then hot-glued it to a headband that I already had.  If I had to do it again, I would have probably tried to use a white headband since the color kind of showed through on this one.  But, again, I was trying to keep it simple and cheap and use things I already had.

Downton Abbey Maid Costume Headpiece

Of course, a couple of days after the shower, I got my February BurdaStyle in the mail and they have a great “upstairs” dress.  Maybe I’ll try this one for the next theme party, ha!

Burda 2-13 136